Sunday, January 22, 2006

Mac and SD friendly Treo 650 GSM 1.20 update

I received a comment indicating dissapointment at the unavalibility of a Mac updater, so I decided to look for a way. Below is a link to a file that will work on a Mac via transfer to a SD card.

This update also includes the missing files needed for voice playback of videos.


Anonymous byronchurch said...

not friendly to my mac I asume up[date is for unpluged only?

12:46 PM  
Anonymous henry said...

sorry, this doesn't seem to do it for my Mac either... =(

1:30 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It seems that the Mac users don't realize it's an update for their Treo 650 unlocked GSM. What computer you use really doesn't matter much.

Just take an SD-card an copy the unpacked "PALM" directory to the card. You can use a cardreader on your computer and copy it directly. Then stick it in your Treo and I think it even starts immediatly. If not, there's only one program on the card you can start. Just make sure that :
1. That you have a complete backup of the Treo.
2. That the battery is fully charged.
3. That you DON'T interrupt the updating process by means of removing the battery or pressing te reset button.

The updater will start copying stuff to your Treo internal memory and after that it will update the ROM. LET IT FINISH !!!

After a while it will reset a few times, after which you will be asked to select the language, just like after a hard reset.
Then it will ask you to press the "Z", to identify the keyboard (as usual) and you can calibrate the touchscreen.

After all this just run your Sync software and restore after sekecting your username.

On a Mac that will be the Palm Sync software in conjunction with Apple's iSync, or The Missing Sync (currently at v. 5.1).

And I assure you, It will work.


3:46 PM  
Anonymous btn said...

You inspired Palm. They finally released an official Mac updater: (Guess how it works...)

It's too bad my Treo 650 developed Audio Jack Issue #1 right after its warranty expired.

7:51 PM  

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